ONE X Fairtex Boxing Gloves: True Glove Love at 1st Sight

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one x fairtex boxing gloves

It’s no lie. We are fans of ONE Championship. So we were excited to try out the ONE X Fairtex Boxing Gloves, official merchandise of ONE Championship.

But are these gloves just a marketing gimmick or are they classic boxing gloves, capable for use training and competition?

In this review, we’re covering the protection and ergonomic features that set the ONE X Fairtex Boxing Gloves apart from the competition to let you know whether these deserve a place in your gym bag.

Key Takeaways

As official ONE Championship merchandise, these gloves signify top-tier quality, suited for professional-level competition gloves.

Crafted with premium quality leather, the gloves offer lasting durability and robust protection in intense training and fights.

Fairtex’s signature three-layered foam system delivers outstanding knuckle protection and shock disbursement.

The exclusive design of the tight-fit hand compartment ensures snug comfort, enhancing both performance and aesthetic appeal.

The artistry of Mr. Sabotage brings a unique cool factor to the gloves’ design, appealing to those who value style and substance.

Material and Durability

These are Fairtex gloves and Fairtex has a great reputation for quality. These gloves are no exception.

The material and durability of the ONE X Fairtex boxing gloves are solid. We noticed the high-quality leather and after months of use, they show no sign of wear and tear.

They’re built to last a long time, even through tough use.

The three-layered foam padding absorbs impacts, providing the ultimate protection without sacrificing flexibility.

The leather used in these gloves is not just tough, but it also looks good. It combines strength with a classic boxing glove look.

They also have a unique design thanks to a collaboration with Mr. Sabotage. This makes them more than just fighting gloves; they’re also a fashion statement.

Mr. Sabotage’s artistry has sneakers and has collaborated previously with Kobe Bryant.

Comfort and Fit

Their unique contoured design guarantees the gloves will envelop your fists in unmatched comfort, essential for enduring the toughest Muay Thai training sessions.

One area that can be improved is in ventilation. While not excessive, we did experience a lot of moisture inside the gloves, but so far there hasn’t been any issues with odour.

And the ergonomic build enhances finger mobility and ensures a non-slip grip for those critical punches.

The compartment of the gloves is snug but not overly tight.

Wrist Support and Protection

Despite their elegant design, these gloves are robust guards in the ring, providing superior wrist support and ensuring you are not left defenseless against unexpected strikes.

The snug fit offers wrist stability, while the layered foam system ensures comprehensive protection, crucial for preventing injuries during demanding fights or training.

We were struck by how comfortable the tight-fit hand compartment molded to our hands, aligning and safeguarding from potential impacts.

And our sparring partner was equally struck by the gloves – albeit literally.

You can trust these gloves to handle any challenge and protect your hands well.

Weight and Padding Distribution

The ONE X Fairtex boxing gloves’ padding distribution is a strong point.

We tested out the 12 oz pair and found them to strike a perfect balance allowing for speed and precision.

They don’t feel too heavy or light, and you don’t have any doubts in the back of your mind that you might hurt your hands.

So the weight distribution and padding gave us peace of mind.

The strategic foam placement ensures crucial hand protection and optimal shock absorption for enhanced performance during training or competition.

ONE X Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review in Conclusion

The ONE X Fairtex boxing gloves shine for their performance, design, and value:

Their three-layered foam system provides unmatched impact resistance and hand protection.

The exclusive design and snug fit offer sophistication and comfort.

They represent great value, balancing price with the quality of premium materials, durability, and performance.

With the added touch of Mr. Sabotage’s design, these gloves are not just a top pick but also a reflection of the fighter’s individuality and taste.

In sum, these gloves are a top pick for anyone committed to the disciplines of Muay Thai, boxing, or MMA. And they would make an excellent boxing gift!

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