The Kidney Punch: The Illegal One Hit KO

kidney punch.

Every move and strategy can significantly affect the outcome of a fight. And one controversial technique that can be a powerful and fight finisher is the “kidney punch.” This move carries a mix of intrigue, caution, and a fair amount of confusion on whether it can be used in competition. So, in this article, we’re … Read more

The 5 Best Judo Fighters in UFC History to Rock the Octagon

judo fighters in ufc

They’re powerful, they’re swift, and they’ve mastered the art of Judo. Meet the Judo fighters who’ve made their mark in the UFC. From Ronda Rousey’s deadly armbar to Karo Parisyan’s judo throw, these athletes aren’t just fighters, they’re artists in the ring. They’ve proven that Judo isn’t just a martial art but can be part … Read more

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Your Complete Sparbar Review: Is It Worth The Price?

sparbar review

Looking for a way to safely, effectively, and conveniently improve your striking and reflexes? Enter Sparbar, an innovative boxing tool and self-proclaimed game-changer in combat sports training equipment. But does it live up to the hype? Our Sparbar review will help you decide if this is a hit or a miss for your training equipment. … Read more

Judo vs MMA: Battle of Throws and Blows in 2023

judo vs mma.

Judo vs MMA is a collision of discipline, technique, and raw brute force. These two combat arts are known around the world for being effective both for competition and for self-defense. And in this article, we’re looking at both Judo vs MMA – their backgrounds, similarities, differences and their effectiveness in a street fight to … Read more

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